3 Benefits Of Buying Term Life Insurance Entirely Online

buy term life insurance entirely online

Key Takeaways:

  • Buying term life insurance entirely online is an attractive option that is available to today’s consumers! It’s easier, faster, and more likely to be accurate than speaking with a sales agent over the phone. 
  • If you know what to look for, shopping online for a term life policy that fits your family’s needs and budget doesn’t have to be confusing, but you have hundreds of options to choose from – it’s important to go in with a plan. 
  • Everyday Life’s 100% online process is highly convenient and secure- our Needs Assessment tool can help you understand exactly how much you need in order to avoid overpaying when you purchase a term life plan. 

Google Search traffic for the search term “life insurance” jumped 50% between March and May of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, according to a CNBC article. It’s clear that the pandemic has made more and more people who are uninsured realize that they shouldn’t go without coverage, and the first place they’re going to get information and find a plan is Google. 

That’s a good thing! In today’s day and age, if you have dependents, you should probably have a term life insurance plan that can protect them if anything happens to you. Buying term life insurance entirely online can seem confusing, but there are many benefits to doing so, and if you know what to look for in a plan, you can tailor your search or narrow your options!

Buying term life insurance entirely online is more convenient. 

The pandemic has allowed nearly everyone in the U.S. to function from home – or at least, much more than they were doing before. Many company employees are now working entirely online; shopping, even for groceries, can be done entirely online; doctor’s appointments can take place entirely online; the list goes on and on. Even before the pandemic, the trend was going digital, because American consumers prioritize comfort, and the comfort of completing tasks without having to leave your home is unmatched, especially buying term life insurance. 

It’s just easier and more comfortable to buy term life insurance entirely online. You can compare coverage options on a Saturday morning while in your pajamas, on your couch, with your current Netflix binge playing in the background, while your kids play within sight. Or you can do it at night after a busy day at work when the kids are finally asleep and you’ve put all the dishes away. You don’t have to stress out about fitting a 45-minute phone call with a pushy insurance agent who only has availability before 5pm to talk into your workday. You can also start and stop when you want to – you can spread out the buying process over several days to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best decision, rather than being pressured into a commitment over the phone.

Buying term life insurance entirely online is faster. 

Because you don’t have to wait for agents to call you back in order to get a quote, you can compare options much more quickly if you buy term life insurance entirely online. Many online buying processes will take just a few minutes to complete. For example, Everyday Life’s process can take less than 15 minutes total from the time you start entering information to the time you submit your plan application; in some cases, you may get instant approval to buy a plan! 

You can have multiple tabs open at the same time in order to do research on a company, stalk them on social media, read Google reviews, search for answers to important questions (such as whether whole life or term life is better, how much the average term life plan costs, and what happens at the end of a term life plan), and copy and paste your answers on different applications. Buying term life insurance entirely online can happen at your desired pace!

Buying term life insurance entirely online is more likely to be accurate. 

Bias is a part of any sales process, and the term life insurance industry is no exception. Life insurance agents you speak with on the phones are not necessarily looking out for you and your family’s best interests – they are trying to sell you on something, and they will use all of the sales tactics in their arsenal to influence you to buy a certain product. This includes giving you a quote for more coverage than you actually need, or giving you an initial quote for a plan that will actually have a much higher premium once underwriting is complete (which is why Everyday Life’s online process only recommends coverage that you are likely to be approved for at the quoted price.) When you buy coverage online, you can make decisions for yourself, and you won’t have to deal with the pressure of speaking with a sales agent. You can do research and compare plans objectively.

Use Everyday Life’s Needs Assessment Tool to buy term life insurance entirely online!

For these three, and many other reasons, Everyday Life encourages families to buy term life insurance entirely online and start with our Needs Assessment Tool. The advantages to buying life insurance online are obvious, but the practicalities are a little more complicated. Hundreds of companies are offering life insurance online, and you need to know what you’re looking for before you dive into the search. 

A great place to start is our proprietary Needs Assessment Tool. Simply enter a few details about you, your family, and your life (no contact information required), and you can get a personalized plan recommendation for coverage that automatically adjusts over time due to major life changes, so that you are only ever paying for the amount of life insurance you absolutely need. If you don’t need life insurance, our tool will tell you so, and there’s no obligation to purchase – you can save our quote and continue comparing your options online! Learn more and get started at https://insurance.everydaylifeinsurance.com/quote/.

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