What Are Smart Life Insurance Quotes?

smart life insurance quotes

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart life insurance quotes are quotes for plans that are dynamic – that is, they automatically change over time based on your life events, and don’t lock you into one bulk amount of coverage. These quotes tell you how much life insurance you really need! 
  • Getting a smart life insurance quote from Everyday Life can help you start saving now, even while your coverage is at its peak! While “smart” really means “dynamic” in this sense, these types of plans just make more sense to the logical, financially savvy consumer! 

The Need For Smart Life Insurance

The globally distressing events of the past year and a half have made Americans more aware of their own mortality. A recent survey by ValuePenguin showed that 25% of all respondents stated that they were more likely to get life insurance as a result of the coronavirus. That’s a good thing. Clearly, people are losing a false sense of invincibility – they are thinking more about how to protect their families in the event that something happens to them, which is what life insurance does. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that people know exactly what to do when it comes to buying a policy. 30% of the respondents in that survey said that they didn’t know how much life insurance they needed or that an individual typically needs at all. 33% of the respondents said they only even knew a little bit of what life insurance actually does, and 9% had no idea. 

This lack of knowledge leaves people vulnerable to overpaying for life insurance, because most companies will do two things: 1) start the process by assuming that people already know what they need when they begin their search, and 2) offer them bulk coverage over the life of the policy, which doesn’t really make sense because people don’t need the same amount of coverage as they age and their circumstances change. (For example, young couples who just had a baby and bought a home will need a lot of coverage; when the child is 10 and they’ve paid off a chunk of their mortgage, they won’t need as much; when the child moves out and more has been paid off, they’ll need even less.) 

Everyday Life Insurance fixes both of those problems for consumers who are unfamiliar with life insurance but know that they need it! We offer a Needs Assessment tool that helps you determine the amount you need, and we also offer smart life insurance quotes that give you recommendations for coverage that automatically adjusts over time to help you save money. “Needs Assessment” is fairly self-explanatory, but “smart life insurance quotes” isn’t – because it is a radically different concept that’s changing the way that life insurance works, it is important that you understand what that is and how it can help you avoid overpaying for insurance. 

What Are Smart Life Insurance Quotes?

Did you ever watch the movie Smart House? Released by Disney in 1999, the film revolves around the teenage computer nerd, Ben Cooper, who enters a contest and wins a computerized house, run by a virtual assistant, PAT (Personal Applied Technology). The smart house chooses clothes for the kids based on bio analysis, cleans up spills and messes via floor absorbers, throws tennis balls from the wall to entertain the dog, syncs with work computers, controls the temperature, turns the lights on and off, sets alarms, displays videos on the walls, and more. The mission of the technology is to anticipate the family’s needs as the kids grow up and then make life as easy and comfortable for them as possible. 

This movie was released years before smartphones, Siri, Alexa, and other AI technologies were common household items. While we may not be able to throw tennis balls from the wall to keep our dogs happy while we’re away yet (that’s a great idea – someone should make that a reality), we are able use Alexa to lock our doors, turn on lights, and more. And our smart capabilities extend far beyond the home – ipads help doctors treat patients virtually, transportation can be arranged in seconds, and we have all the information we could ever need at the touch of a button with our iphones or smart watches. The widespread adoption of smart devices have made our lives easier than any generation before us. 

Now, smart technology is coming to the life insurance industry. Smart life insurance quotes from Everyday Life work to anticipate your needs, make your life easier, and save you time and money!

Here’s how they work: these smart term life plans are created by predictive intelligence that anticipates and calibrates changes in your coverage needs during the course of your policy. Once your policy is activated, your coverage adjusts automatically to reflect these changes. You don’t have to remember years from now to update your policy. When you approve your smart life insurance quote, our technology does it for you! 

An Example Of A Smart Life Insurance Quote

Smart life insurance quotes are perfect for young families, people who just bought a home, or really anyone who understands the financial value of saving on life insurance. 

Suppose you are a stay-at-home mom with two young kids and one pre-teen. Your husband works full time. A typical life insurance company may recommend a bulk, unchanging amount of $400,000 in coverage for a 30-year policy. You pay a monthly premium, maybe $20 a month, and if anything happens to you in that time and you pass away, that $400,000 amount is paid to your family. This makes sense at first, because it will take that much to replace the cost of the child care and at-home support you provide, as well as provide for funeral and other end-of-life costs. However, it doesn’t make sense in 10 years – your kids will likely all be either out of the house or will soon be, and you will have paid off more of the debts you have. 

In that situation, a smart life insurance quote from Everyday Life may recommend a 15-year plan. It has an initial peak coverage amount of $400,000 that steps down to $100,000 after 10 years. For the first 10 years, you pay $18.75 a month; for the next 5, only $9.34 a month. Smart intelligence makes this change automatically. This saves you about $3,816 compared to a typical plan!

Get A Free Smart Life Insurance Quote Today & Start Saving

You can get a free smart life insurance quote entirely online today and see how much you can save. Visit Everyday Life to learn more and begin!

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