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Calculate your needs, get a quote and pre-qualify for a personalized policy. No contact info required!

Protect your family with a smart policy you can afford and will get approved for today.

Nothing off-the-shelf here, each life insurance plan is built around your unique needs, so you only pay for exactly what you need. Our needs assessment tool will even tell you if you don’t need more insurance. Seriously.


Our insurance and technology expertise work together behind the scenes to find you a policy that both makes sense financially and that you are likely to be approved for at the quoted price.


Your life will change over time, and so will your need for life insurance. For example, you probably won’t need as much coverage as your kids grow up. Our plans adjust so you never overpay, an approach which can save you 20-30% immediately.

Smart life insurance is coverage designed around your needs without the worry of getting approved.

Predictive Protection

Most life insurance companies only provide coverage in rigid blocks that can’t adapt.

With Predictive Protection™, your policy is designed to make sure you only pay for what you need by adjusting so you have the right amount of coverage at the right time. That’s what we mean by smart life insurance.

Our technology forecasts the amount of insurance you are likely to need over the years, based on major life events, like the birth of a child or buying a home. This becomes your baseline policy, from which you can adjust further if needed.

For example, parents of young kids need the most coverage now, but not so much after their kids grow up and become more independent. We are the only ones that provide coverage that steps down as your kids step up, which can cut the cost in half or more.

The most accurate needs assessment tool in the business.

A Needs-Based approach to buying life insurance is a way of determining the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage you should purchase to provide the right coverage for your family.

It also takes into account your unique situation and connects you with an insurance company that is likely to approve your application quickly and easily.

That’s how life insurance should work.

Our advanced technology takes into account many more variables to determine how much coverage you need and at what stage in your life. This is the approach that experts recommend, but before us it was hard to do because of the complicated math and insurance company red tape. We fixed that, so now everyone can get smart coverage they don’t have to sweat over.

Stay in control with our end-to-end online process.

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Needs Assessment

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Review & Refine

Review & Refine

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