Partner Program

Earn competitive pay promoting life insurance to your audience.

Partner Program

Earn competitive pay promoting life insurance to your audience.

Earn competitive payouts promoting life insurance to your audience! Our high-converting “life insurance made easy” platform has the highest Google Reviews rating of any online broker (4.8/5), and your audience will love it!

We set our partners up for success.

Easy sign-up

Getting you set up with your own offer takes just a few minutes. We partner with to offer a top-rated conversion tracking experience, ensuring you get all the credit you deserve.

Competitive payouts

The more people you help find life insurance, the more payouts you can earn. We also offer bonuses, seasonal campaigns and other promotions from time to time.

Support & optimization

From creative assets to co-branded integrations, we have everything you need to drive leads. We’re data driven and share insights to help optimize the journey for success.

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Offer your customers life insurance plans that fit every budget.


Build trust with your audience by educating them about the importance of protecting their loved ones.


Give your audience access to customized life insurance by adding Everyday Life to your lineup.


About Everyday Life Insurance

We’re a fully licensed insurance brokerage that’s here to provide everyday people with all of the support they need. Since 2018, we’ve been on a mission to simplify the life insurance process and make coverage an affordable option for families across the United States.

Our unique policy matching technology makes it easy for consumers to find and buy their best option on their phone 24/7/365, self-serve or agent-assisted. Still have questions? Give our team a call.

See What Our Clients Say

“Super easy to apply. The entire process took 8-10 minutes. I’m so grateful for a low monthly payment and knowing that my beneficiary will not have any worries.”

– Lisa Bellora

“It was quite easy to apply. I was approved very quick and instantly with an low payment option which I was satisfied with. Leaving behind something to my son and love one is high on my priority list and Assurity Life Insurance gave me that reinsurance and comfortability to do just that.”

– Epiphany Alexander

“Easy to use process, would definitely recommend”

– George Hacker

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Performance advertising is simple; you receive large earnings for promoting high quality, unique products or services to your audience. Apply to our program through at the link below to get started.

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