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What Is Smart Life Insurance?

Smart life insurance is a policy that’s designed to fit your specific life needs. That means it can automatically adjust to events in your life like paying off a mortgage, or kids graduating.

Think about it, you rarely need the same amount of life insurance at 25 that you need at 55 — so why pay for all that extra coverage year after year?

More specifically, it’s called laddering and it’s how personal finance experts have been setting up their life insurance plans for years. What was previously a complicated process reserved for only the wealthy, is now an easy and accessible capability to the rest of us thanks to The Ultimate Life Insurance Calculator.

How Does Smart Life Insurance Work

Because the coverage you need can change over time, smart life insurance calibrates your policy to match life changes and milestones as you age.

As your need goes down, the policy premium goes down, too.

That way, you’re not stuck paying for more life insurance than you need. Compare that to the one-price-fits-all bulk coverage that most life insurance companies recommend, and you’ll see the difference.

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Predictive Protection™ is the advanced AI machine learning technology that powers The Ultimate Life Insurance Calculator. Our technology automatically adjusts your policy to give you the right coverage at the right time.

The tool analyzes your information using predictive intelligence, and the result is a custom policy that adapts to reflect your life changes such as kids graduating, paying off your mortgage, or nearing retirement.

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