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If any loved ones depend on you for either financial or caregiving support – spouse, partner, kids, parents – you probably need life insurance. If not, you probably don’t.

Everyone’s needs are different because it depends on a number of factors: how much financial or caregiving support are you providing your loved ones today? Can they replace that support eventually or will they need it their entire lives?

Life insurance is important because it can protect your family from becoming financially burdened in the event you unexpectedly die or become terminally ill, especially if you are the primary income earner. Life insurance gives you and your loved ones — spouse, partner, children, family members – peace of mind that they will be are cared for after you are gone.

There are many different types of life insurance out there and it can be confusing: term, whole, universal, etc. For basic family protection, we and other experts recommend term insurance over other options, for two simple reasons. Not only is it significantly less expensive - a fraction of the cost of other types of life insurance - but your coverage and cost are guaranteed to not change for the term of the policy. Other types of life insurance can be subject to price changes down the road.

Our Predictive Protection™ will program your coverage to automatically adapt based on what we currently know about you. If your circumstances change significantly, like you get a big promotion, get married or give birth, update your Needs Assessment to see if your current plan still fits or needs to be adjusted further.

The process is a breakthrough to provide customized plans that adjust automatically as your life changes. If you need more help, our experts are ready:

  1. Let our technology assess your unique needs. Takes 2-3 minutes and no contact info required.
  2. Review and refine your personalized recommendation and price quote. Quick and easy!
  3. Finish your application online with the underwriting partner we recommended for you. It typically takes 10-15 minutes and many get an instant decision!

All of the policies we sell are issued by our insurance company partners. All of our partners have at least a 100 year track record, a financial strength rating of "Excellent" or better from the independent rating agency A.M. Best, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Most people can get covered without an exam, however our underwriter reserves the right to request one under certain circumstances so you can get access to the best prices. If it is required in your case, it will cost you nothing and be scheduled at the time and location of your choosing, including your home. Exams take about 15 minutes and may involve blood and urine samples. You will receive access to the results, too; typically within 48 hours of the exam.