2022 Guide To Buying Life Insurance While Pregnant

buying life insurance while pregnant

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy and excitement. But it can also be overwhelming — there’s a lot that soon-to-be parents need to do in nine months to get ready for the new baby. Besides the practical matters, like getting the nursery set up, finding the best car seat, and picking a name, […]

What To Do If You’ve Been Denied Life Insurance

life insurance needs assessment

If you’ve been denied life insurance in the past, there are a few things you need to know before you attempt to qualify for a new life insurance policy. Key Takeaways: Being denied a life insurance policy doesn’t mean you will never qualify.  Life insurance companies may deny applications for a variety of reasons; if you’ve been […]

Homeowners vs. Life Insurance: Do You Need Both?

home insurance and life insurance

Key Takeaways: Home insurance and life insurance are two different types of coverage. They are not interchangeable. Most people need both — life insurance to financially protect your family if you pass away unexpectedly and home insurance to cover your home from unexpected damage.  New homeowners can discover how much life insurance coverage they need […]

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

good monthly payment for life insurance

Key Takeaways: Your life insurance cost depends on your unique situation — everyone has different life insurance needs, and a good monthly payment for one person may not be the same for another.  Age, gender, health, number of dependents, occupation and income, and type of policy are some of the factors that influence how much […]

4 Reasons Stay-At-Home Parents Need Life Insurance

stay-at-home moms and dads

Stay-at-home parents may not bring in monetary income, but they provide valuable support to the household. The support from stay-at-home moms and dads would be greatly missed (and need to be replaced) if anything happened to them.  Everyday Life’s Ultimate Life Insurance Calculator can help stay-at-home parents determine how much life insurance coverage they need. […]

3 Benefits of Buying Term Life Insurance Online

buy term life insurance entirely online

Key Takeaways: Buying term life insurance online is easier, faster, and more likely to be accurate than speaking with a sales agent over the phone.  Shopping online for a term life policy that fits your family’s needs and budget doesn’t have to be confusing.  Everyday Life’s 100% online process is highly convenient and secure — […]

What Is The Difference Between Term And Whole Life Insurance Policies?

difference between term and whole life

Key Takeaways: Term vs. whole life insurance (also known as permanent life) are two separate types of life insurance coverage. Before you purchase a plan, it’s important to know which type is right for your situation.  The main difference between term and whole life policies is found in the coverage length — a term life […]

What Happens If You Outlive Your Term Life Insurance?

end of term life insurance

Term life insurance is a great way to protect your family’s financial future. But if you’re not sure what happens to the money if you outlive your term life insurance, it’s time to find out. When your term life insurance policy expires, your insurance company keeps the premiums you’ve paid over the term. At the […]

What Is the Best Age to Buy Life Insurance?

best age to buy term life

Key Takeaways: Rates increase the older you get, so it’s important to buy term life insurance as soon as you need it. Everyone’s life circumstances are different, so there is no single best age to buy life insurance. Everyday Life Insurance’s dynamic term life plans were designed to help you avoid overpaying for coverage you […]